Yahoo is on shopping! Tumblr!


It had been rumored since last Thursday, will help Yahoo to tap into the younger, active online user base at Tumblr. It was true. Yahoo bought Tumblr. Yahoo announced a $1.1 billion deal for blogging site Tumblr this Monday. Yahoo promised that it will not ‘screw it up’.

Actually Flicker was screwed up after Yahoo’s shopping. That is why some users are getting out of Tumblr itself. AllThingsD reported that WordPress’ Mullenweg claims 72,000 blogs imported from Tumblr in just one hour on Sunday. That is Marissa Mayer said it will remain as an independent company after merger. Also Yahoo announced that Flicker will provide 1TB free storage from Monday. Many users have been shifted to Instagram or Facebook.

From the merger of Tumblr by Yahoo, we can see two basic strategies.

1. Yahoo is trying to focus on teenagers.
Compared with Facebook, more teenagers are using Tumblr. There is no time for Yahoo to compete with Facebook on the 20s and 30s generation. But if they focus on the teenagers, the users experience will be shifted to Yahoo in a near future. Yahoo can buy the user base at once from $ 1.1 billion deal.
There are many reasons why it is popular for teenagers. Facebook is a real-name based service. But on Tumblr, you can just use your ID as your name in Tumblr.

2. Yahoo : From Web to Mobile
Google and Facebook are focusing its core competency on mobile. Yahoo was moving like a turtle compared to these competitors. They can buy the user base as well as the developers, I mean mobile.
We should see if this shopping will be a good shopping or waste of money.

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