WWDC 2016: What is the direction from Apple?


The event came back again as WWDC. Some analysts are saying that Apple is becoming another Samsung electronics. Some says that the evolution by Apple is gone and the company became one of the device providers.

One thing we should remind is that Apple have been positioning WWDC as SW announcement event. Therefore, it is the opinion of Techrux team that we should look into the SW updates by Apple.


1. Siri is becoming as an Universal portal for Apple users
Remember that Apple makes up its revenue mostly from device selling. The device should give the convenienced experienced compared with Android in mobile and with Windows in laptop environment. Eventually Siri shall be another factor to lock-in its Apple device users.

That is why Apple opened its API to 3rd party application developers. Like Apple did before, the company limited its intent to voip call, messaging,, payments, searching photo, workout, and ride booking. As Google, Facebook, and Amazon is approaching the market as OPEN, Apple is approaching the market as closed walled garden. With this they are trying to make Siri more smart basic feature for Mac and iOS devices.

2. Machine Learning is a must

I am using Google Now as basic feature on my iPhone. The application takes care of my schedule based on all my information. There are some bad feelings that Google is taking all my information. Apple is following the way if you have seen the new feature of iMessage on iOS10.


Based on your messaging information, the event is automatically made and with the picture on your iPhone, Apple Photo sorts all photos based on location and on the face. Apple have announced that Apple is not taking the local information to the Apple Data Centre but who knows?

3. Speak instead of Touch!

Everyone knows how to speak. The days of typing via keyboard and/or touchscreen is now becoming end. As the network speed is going up and the voice recognition rate is almost 100%, the era of speaking based on voice recognition is the era that we live.

And What Else?

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