Understanding Ad-Tech: What should you consider?


Most of the marketers consider the DMP to be the center of digital advertising operations. They are fully utilizing DMPs. Industries like retail, transportation, and hospitality in the area where they face directly customers are using DMP proactively.

What is DMP? You can check from here.

However, some sectors facing customers directly such as Finance sector are adopting DMP, but due to its conservative organizational culture background, the adoption is quiet slow.

Prior to adopting Ad Tech and work with service providers, you should check these things first.


  1. How to design effective customer journey.

As the digital marketer, you will think to define multichannel customer journey with specific target and the segment. To make this happen, you should need to integrate ad tech and marketing automation system-process. CRM, IT, and technical, business should be aligned as a virtual cross functional team for this.


  1. Right staff, Right contents, and Right timing.

The key for the successful advertising operation is to put right personnel for right digital properties. Moreover, tagging right contents and contents generations are the key. As the contents are being uploaded and being published, it is important to check the requirements and quality assurance by A/B Test and following a certain social media guideline.


  1. How to overcome the privacy issue.

Most of the Ad Tech providers are being operated and provided on cloud-based services. Therefore, it requires access from marketer’s local data to be uploaded or being linked. To overcome the privacy issue it requires cryptographic removals and remove the proprietary customer information. Acxiom(LiveRamp), Neustar, and Oracle OnRamp provide the solution for this kind of problems as well.


Lastly the main reason why you are considering digital advertising and using ad tech is the measurement. Return on advertising spend(ROAS) is important. Of course, you might expect large gains in your return. And the ad tech providers will say that they are efficient. But you should compare and check.



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