Twitter’s Strategic Aspiration


I had a chance to visit twitter HQ in San Francisco. I could find the strategic aspiration for customers that twitter may support. I would like introducing that on this post.

1. Predict the future with the card that old media cannot afford
The traditional media companies focus on the legacy spectrum that has been the habit in the industry. During London Olympic games 2012, Panasonic UK used the twitter as a new way of communication tool. Everyday the Panasonic UK twitter account showed the tweets with the pictures or videos that people couldn’t reach from the legacy media. Also 83% followers of Panasonic UK account retweeted the tweets. It helped to make good image and rise of sales in UK market.

2. Co-work with the legacy media
By the internal analytics in twitter, 50% of users tweet during watching television. Especially when the commercial film comes out of television it occurs. Actually car manufacturers have used this marketing during the super bowl game this year. Actually Audi has done the marketing campaign with #SoLongVampire hash-tag. The number of tweets has rose from 12,000 tweets to 40,000 tweets.

Also Mercedes-Benz made twitter users to decide advertisement by participating writing tweets with hash-tags, #HIDE vs. #EVADE. This marketing campaign made the customers participate the campaign. Mercedes-Benz made it successful to stir-up the public opinion on the brand.

3. Position as the test-bed for customers
Most of the enterprises are positioning twitter as their own direct-channel with customers. It attracts the customers as organic channel for customers. It helps the enterprises to deliver their message directly to customers. It is monopoly and only channel that can expose the friendly opinion for enterprise. Also twitter is mobile specified platform.

Also twitter is trying to expand it to B2B channel. Actually NYSE is trying to specified B2B channel for enterprise customers.That is how Twitter is expanding its business. It is strategic aspiration of twitter

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