Small and Medium Business with Twitter


If you access , you might see how people collaborate and enrich their life with twitter. Then, how people made their success? Let me tell you the story.

How does the business can align with Twitter?

Here is one of the stories.

“And it all started with that one little Tweet,” said Roberta Dyer, whose independent bookstore came under serious threat during the economic downturn. Wanting to save the store, her son Aaron took Roberta’s story to Twitter. His Tweet was retweeted, spurring online coverage, and ultimately galvanizing the community not only to rescue the store, but to make sure it thrived.

1. Special Offer
It is the era of information flood. The main thing to win the PR game is to get focus from customers among other’s information. One of the way is to provide special service via Twitter account or provide special coupons via Twitter account.

Actually Dell issued special coupons via Twitter. They raised revenue over 3 million USD via Twitter account.

2. Get orders via Twitter
One of the coffee shop brands, Coffee Groundz, made their terrific success story via Twitter. They used “Direct Message” function to communicate with customers. They got orders from Direct Message of customers and used Direct Message as channel of marketing and promotion. By the analysis, they found that revenue has been raised via twitter around 20 to 30 percent compared with the past.

3. Viral Marketing
In Japan, HP’s personal service provider ‘Moon Fruit’ made a tremendous viral marketing with the hash tag ‘#moonfruit. If you tweet with the hash-tag, the Moonfruit offered premium such as Macbook Pro or iPod touch. They used only 1.5 million JPY for buying 21 piece of premiums. But the effect has been resulted as 300% increase in web traffic and 20% revenue increase after the twitter viral marketing promotion.

Before doing the tweet, it is important to define your business.

Design every element of your profile to best reflect your business. Your name, bio, website and profile picture should all work together to tell your story.

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