SAMSUNG The copycat!?!


The jury made the judgement as awarding Apple $1,049,343,540 in damages. Samsung, on the other hand, was granted a total of $0 in damages. This was what happened in San Jose on August 24th.

On the same date in S.Korea, Samsung won the jury game. The judges ordered Apple to pay 20 million won, or $17,650 in damages for each violated patent. Samsung was ordered to pay 25 million won, or $22,000.
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Apple says Samsung violated its design patents by copying its smartphone and tablet PCs. Samsung says Apple is using some of its wireless communication technology without paying a fee.

Design patents were rejected by the S.Korean court. Also S. Korean court made the judgement that Apple has used the wireless communication technology without paying for it. By contrast, Samsung perfectly lost in U.S.

Some of the S. Korean press reported as ‘Samsung lost the game in US, because the San Jose is the hometown of Apple. Also the press said that the jury’s are the ordinary people. So their judgement is not right. Shall it be true?

Absolutely not.

A generous attitude on the stealing intellectual property rights in S.Korea made Samsung as a copycat.
Until early 2000s, MS office was not the largest market share in Office SW market. It was HanCom Inc.’s Hangul Word Processor. Though HWP had the largest marketshare, they got bankrupt. The main reason for bankruptcy was the illegal copy.

Frankly for me, it was natural to copy and use the illegal copy when I was using computer until 1990. From 1990 to 1992 I was living in Geneva, Switzerland. At there, I found that I was stealing something when I used the illegal computer program. When I came back to S.Korea, most of the people were using illegal copy software. Even these days if you go to Torrents or P2P sites, there are thousands of illegal copies inside the Korean website.

Design. People think the design and designer so easily. As you are not the famous designer or designer with Ph.D degree from the developed countries, a lot of the designers work as 3D labors with small salaries. Also most of the people think that design as just a design, not as intellectual property right.

Actually, that is why Korean court made the judgment as no fault for copying Apple’s design. Some of the citizens in S.Korea thinks that Samsung got trapped unluckily.

The cultural and society background made the business style of Samsung Electronics.

Also, Samsung’s main revenue occurs inside the Korean domestic market. Copying design of Apple started from November of 20009. They change the box design, the commercial advertisement, default application and the outline of the device.

To catch up the Apple’s sales, Samsung started to be a copycat of Apple. They thought that was the easiest way to catch up the Apple. Most of the people blame on the Chinese copy-cats. They are the small sized makers. But Samsung Electronics, should they work like that?

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