Samsung Electronics, The hand of MINUS


Samsung is positioning themselves as “The hand of Minus” in Software industry, even with 40,500 in-house engineers.

Samsung told to the press that ChatOn will be discontinued on 1 February 2015 everywhere except the US. It will then shut down in the US at an unconfirmed date soon after, with the delay due to “existing contractual obligations with US mobile carriers.” Even though ChatOn application has been provided as embedded application on Samsung devices, the actual user has been less then 5%. Samsung has been announcing to the press that Chaton has 200 million users. However this figure has been exaggerated.

Moreover Samsung Electronics will cut support for its proprietary mobile operation system “Bada,” proving that it failed in its development of the OS. Samsung recently announced that it would stop running the Bada developers’ forum on its Bada developers’ site ( Last year, Samsung officially declared that it stopped developing the OS, and with the recent announcement, Bada developers will no longer receive any support from the electronics giant.

These two cases are not the first failure for Samsung. Samsung developed Word Processing Software “Hunminjeongeum” in 1992. After 13 years, only the software has been used in Samsung conglomerate. Even Samsung insisted that it is too late to keep own word processing software. Samsung Electronics has decided to adopt Microsoft Word as its official wordprocessor program within the company. On September 30, the company said that it would institute a move to Microsoft Word from Jungum Global (formerly “HunminJungum”) with three months’ transition period beginning on January 1, 2015.

How does this happen? From 2009, Samsung recruited 10,800 engineers from the industry. 40,506 SW engineers are working at Samsung Electronics. The numbers are twice compared with Google. However there is fundamental difference between Google and Samsung. Google exactly knows how to create market with value over software. However Samsung is just good at copying something. Moreover the new executives of Samsung come from mostly from Hardware manufacturing division not software. That means that there are no dreams or aspirations for the software engineers in Samsung.

Moreover the culture of Samsung is too much strict. Last August, the PR office of Samsung Electronics announced that the company allowed the workers to wear short trousers during weekend time. Well, in Google the engineers always wear short trousers if it is too hot. Making some costume prohibited means that the culture itself is staying as it was in 1980’s or 1970’s.

Yesterday, Samsung announced interesting news. Now the company will be introducing it on its range of Smart TVs this year in 2015. In fact, all Smart TVs made this year by Samsung will be running on Tizen. It seems that Samsung is recognizing its software failure because of the timing, not the culture for the software operation.

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