How did Todd Pendleton left Samsung?


Samsung actually kicked out Todd Pendleton.

Todd Pendleton, the CMO of Samsung Telecommunications America(as of “STA”) since 2011 and the newly appointed chief creative officer, has left his company on 6th March. Mr. Pendleton joined Samsung in 2011 and launched the “Next Big Thing” campaign. The brash challenge to Apple quickly elevated Samsung’s profile in the smartphone market. He announced his departure to Samsung staff, saying he plans to leave in early April.

Only a few Korean press reported as a news brief. However, some gadgets have written the behind story. You can see the veiled enmity as a soap opera. And I will tell you why.

Prior to joining STA, he was a genius in the fields of PR and marketing. He led the marketing campaign of Nike from 1996. The “Next Big Thing” campaign was actually born from his idea and activated. WSJ evaluated this advertising campaign as “Samsung Electronics Co. is succeeding where other technology companies have tried and failed: closing the coolness gap with Apple Inc.” on the article that has been reported on January 2013. By contrast, this campaign became the one of the factors for him to resign STA. Let me tell you why.

Based on the report of Business insider, Samsung flew a plane full of executives to the mobile division’s office in Dallas for an unannounced audit that lasted three weeks in 2012. The Dallas-based employees had to go through all materials they used to sell and market Samsung’s mobile products. They were accused of falsifying sales, bribing the media, and a bunch of other damaging actions that hurt morale in the office. The same US-based office that helped turn Samsung into a brand as recognizable as Apple was suddenly being punished for its work.

After three weeks, the Korean auditors found nothing wrong with the way the US office had been operating and went home. But the damage had been done, and the perception remained at the Korean headquarters that despite its success, the US team was up to no good. And now Mr. Pendleton resigned from his position.

Of course, the core competency factor for Samsung is the device quality itself. However, the “Edge” version of the Galaxy S6 could cost over $1,000 without a contract, at least three times the cost of a Xiaomi phone.

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