Google expands its AI into Earbuds


Artificial Intelligence technology solely cannot be powerful. Everyone knows that it becomes a powerful service when intersection among hardware, software, and artificial intelligence is being created at one time.


Google, the IT giant who is the best position in IT and its platform announced its family of consumer hardware products. And they have brought AI into Hardware. Google explained that the outline by Sundar Pichai which have been announced last year have been actualized with this announcement.


The 2017 lineup of new Made by Google products show:

  1. The Pixel 2 have features giving information about the things around users via its AI based on preview of Google Lens.


  1. Pixelbook is the first laptop of Google that has the Google Assistant(AI) built in.


  1. Pixel Bud is now not only a headset, but positioning as hardware that connect and assist Google Assistant(AI) more easily. Supporting Google translate will be a big differentiated feature with other headsets in the world.


The most impressive product was this small Pixel bud. There were some products like Translate One2One, but this was the first attempt by IT giant to bring in the translation features.


The Earbuds will also include features that allow users to instantly ask questions by squeezing the bud. By connecting to Google Assistant, users will then hear answers to spoken questions, while the assistant can also alert users to incoming calls, texts or calendar events.


Even though the product seems to be very fancy, the articles in which experienced Pixel Bud described that it needs improvement like design of the case or fit to the ear. And it only supports Android smartphones and Pixel at this moment.


But they expanded the area of AI into Earbud as well. Let see how Amazon or Microsoft react on this foremove by IT giant.

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