Copying service and Stopping service by Naver


Naver, the largest portal service in South Korea, recently launched “Translate by Participation Q”. The service is sort of crowd-sourcing translation and the Naver is expecting to strengthen its dictionary and translation service for its user.

Naver Service

The problem is that there has been the same service by Korean startup, Flitto. The service has been launched in 2012 even almost 4 years ago.  It has been a natural for Korean big enterprise to copy the product or service if you remember the case between Samsung and Apple. But, one thing is really serious.


Simon Lee

Simon Lee, the founder and CEO of Flitto, posted on his Facebook that


“Flitto team met with Naver from May 2014. We have signed partnership agreement with Naver and Naver is buying the language database Corpus from us. The team that we are working with is Dictionary-Expert Information Team.”


Now here is the surprise point.


“Well, we have found that ‘Translate by Participation Q’ has been launched by the team in Naver that we are working with. I can tell you that UI and Flow are almost same as Flitto.”


Flitto’s current user estimate is 5 million and is being used in 170 countries, with about 300K translations submitted daily. It is not a small size. But it is ethical issue.


Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg loved the service feature of Instagram. Instead of buying it from Kevin’s team, Facebook made the same service like Instagram. Could this be possible?


Even the situation is very serious, Naver talked with one of the Korean newspaper Jung-Ang Daily as below.


“Well… IT service are similar. Prior to Launching Jisik-In(QnA community by Naver which is killer service), there were similar service in Korean market. We are now analyzing it internally”


Never announced via its official blog channel that the company will stop the service. The CEO of NHN announced that there was not proper process for launching this service .Naver shall close the service by the end of July.


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