How the messengers are being evolved


One of the reasons why people were starting to use Smartphone was the short message was free compared with the legacy SMS service provided by telecom service provider. Let me tell you my experience. While I was working for one of the telecom company in Korea, around 100 staffs were taking care of SMS service prior to launch of smartphone. Now, only 3~4 staffs are taking care of that business.

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The service started as a Messaging application and positioning as a platform these days not just an SMS. There are worldwide application like WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook messenger. But in some countries, the local ones are taking the majority of market. WeChat of China, Line of Japan and Southeast Asia, and Kakao of South Korea.

These applications could expand its user base by its launching timing, differentiated UI/UX and simplicity. The Kakao of South Korea could soft land into Korean market with Free application as same feature as WhatsApp. WhatsApp was getting USD$0.99 for a while. WeChat could be extended to Chinese market due to the ban of Foreign Messenger Service by Chinese government. For the information, WeChat provides similar feature like Facebook does.

Then what will be the next stage of these services?
Google’s AI technology has surprised the world early this year. It is expected that the analytical and customized advertisement will be introduced step by step using the DB that has been piled in the messaging application. Google Allo can be a good example. Messaging is not messaging service but now becoming the service of prediction of your future for your convenience.

Due to the evolution of network speed, messaging like the Snapchat or Snow can be the way of communication. Of course the video based communication can be adopting the VR or AR technology due to evolution of Camera features in Smartphone device. Think about the camera feature in the new iPhone7 or the P9 Huawei.


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