IT Collaboration between developing and developed countries


1. ICT evolution is the party for top 10% people
South Korean operators, SK Telecom and LG U+, launched VoLTE service on August 8th. As both service providers insist that they are the first VoLTE service provider in the world.

Also MetroPCS has launched VoLTE service to it subscribers. 

Otherwise in developing countries, many subscribers are using EDGE type 2G network. Still using featured device made by Nokia. For them revolution from smartphone is just a fairy tale.

In developed countries most of the subscribers have more than 1 device. The device are mostly over 500 USD. But 0.25 billion people are earning less than 2 USD a day. Let’s look over the new iPad. If they want to buy iPad, it is 399 USD. That means they have to save their gain for 200 days without spending. Many revolution occur from the new type mobile devices. Cloud computing or Big Data Analysis. It helps people or business to be more effective with efficiency. But the fruit itself goes to the people who are living in developed countries at this moment.

There is solution for unfair opportunity. Aakash in India shipped a cheap tablet device. That is only 35 USD. Of course, it might not show the same performance as Nexus 7. But at least this can be a new opportunity for them. So that we can make almost equal opportunity for human beings.

2. Human being should come first than any device with awesome technology
Recently cultural anthropologists study how device and human may communicate each other. Actually before Steve Jobs launched revolutionary iPhone in 2007, people were used to adopt the fixed service from telcos and device manufactures.

iPhone was the beginning for Small and Media sized start-ups. People started to make their ideas into small applications. Actually just an application made the man with ideas into billionaires.

Facebook changed its UI to support one’s whole life. Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote try to make a big dish as a note to contain one’s life record. It is because the winner of this game shall be the one who cares about human being’s life and communication between device and human.

3. Big Data for Human, Human, Human!
Google already shares the big data analysis information for free on its website

Of course, the information itself was gathered from the cache information from personal web search. So there might be privacy issues on that. But it gives Flu alarm faster than FDA. This helped Japanese people after big earthquake in 2011.

Last I would like to show you the Chrome experiment. People volunteered for this website. But it shows how collaboration comes out. Enjoy it!

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