iPhone X: The beginning of Neural Engine Era


Techrux Team was watching the announce of iPhone X. For us, it didn’t matter whether the leaked design will be announcing as official or not. However, Apple was announcing this product as iPhone X, not iPhone 9 or the New iPhone. I wanted to see what was the core value of iPhone X and what things will change the game of rule as they did before.


Neural Engine. It was the exact word that I have heard from Phil. In Wikipedia, it is being defined as below.


Apple Neural Engine is a component of the Apple A11 Bionic system on a chip. Apple claims it’s used specifically for AI-related tasks like Face ID.


Basically, Neural Engine shall be mainly used for Machine Learning. How come this works? Neural engine handles where CPU and GPU cannot handle. After aggregating a large dataset from the device or internet, intelligence features, face recognition, and other services from machine learning will be process without internet connection.


Apple have announced that this will contribute to make Face ID work or AniMoji work. Or, making the users for more improved AR or contents searching from device. However this will be a trigger to change the competition rule from CPU+ GPU device to Neural engine device. As iPhone started the full touch screen device world and the real Smartphone world in 2007, they are trying to change the rule with iPhone X.

Earlier this month, China’s Huawei announced a new mobile chip with a dedicated “neural processing unit” to accelerate machine learning. The Kirin 970 was too early to compete with Apple.

As Samsung, or Google will be preparing their own neural engine. This will be another competition in 2018.


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