The 4th industrial revolution, is this the right way?


World Economic Forum (As of “WEF”) has begun to talk about the “4th Industrial Revolution” as a theme from this year. And even the country like South Korea is claiming the “4th Industrial Revolution” as the national new propaganda. Is this just the propaganda of the new methodology of marketing? Or, shall it be the new phase of the development such as “the 3rd wave” of Alvin Toffler?

1. What is 4th Industrial Revolution?
It is not the sudden concept. As the telecommunication expanded its area from the human communication to machine to machine communication, the concept have been raised from mostly developed countries from its environmental background. It is simple. Connecting all manufacturing device over network. This made some interesting result from the legacy manufacturing business and industry itself.

2. The success story of Germany and Japan.
In 2010, Germany started the Industries 4.0 Campaign. The German government found that the serious social problem is occurring if the industrial parks are becoming vacant and the jobless citizens’ increase. To reduce the cost of production, the country made the working group with its IT giants such as Siemens or Schneider. Adidas have begun to make the shoes inside its domestic territory instead of developing countries. The automated networked manufacturing infrastructure could overcome the labor cost from the developing countries.

From 2014 Japanese government adopted the nation’s core competency over the network. Revitalization and Robot strategy was the other name of the 4th industrial revolution of Japan. Japan was the leading country while it was competing with US and European players. But faded down when South Korean and Chinese players were raising with the lower production and high Yen policy after the Plaza agreement in 1986. With the networked factor, the nation is now working again to revitalize its industry.

3. The policy is important: Rami 4.0.

Rami 4.0 is composed of 3 axis to finalize the Industries 4.0 in a right way. Hierarchy between the stakeholders, the layer of business and technology, and Life cycle value stream are the main factor to keep the Industries 4.0 in a right way.

One thing to remember is that it is completely related with the human and the cultural background of this adoption. Without this modeling the 4th industrial revolution will be a propaganda not the actual revolution.


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