Galaxy S8 is facing some problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been waiting to overcome its Galaxy S7 Note scandal. Even they have tried hard to overcome and lead the smartphone market, it seems that some problems are capturing its new fairy tale writing.

1. Red Tint in the screen
After the device is being shipped to the market, some of the users have begun to raise the red tint issue on the screen. As the device is now being shipped as only its “EDGE edition”, the red tint is being shown on the edge side and the upper and lower side of the screen. Some of the users are raising that “deep red” solution by Samsung and AMOLED issue have made this red tint phenomenon on the screen.


Regarding this issue, Samsung have officially announced during Investor Relations talk that it is not the issue of AMOLED hardware and the red tint can be selected upon the needs of the Galaxy S8 users. The company have now rolled the upgrade software patch to Korea, Europe, and India as well.


2. Wi-Fi Access Problem
This was not the common problem for all Galaxy S8 users. While some Korean Galaxy S8 users who are using the network of KT(No.2 Cellular Carrier in South Korea), the problem occurred. When the users were trying to access 5GHz frequency of Wi-Fi network, the access has been unstable.

There are some reasons for this problem. Samsung Electronics is claiming that the Wi-Fi access point terminal has unstandardized protocol inside its chipset. Contrast to this, DQA(Device Quality Agent) seems to make the problem.

Samsung electronics have enrolled the software update to figure out and fix this problem.

3. Automatic Rebooting
Some of the community websites and online forums are now claiming this issue. Regarding to the message, the symptoms are commonly as;

Automatic and sudden reboot on the Galaxy S8 device.
If the battery is less than 15%, the power of the device is gone.

Still the users are waiting for the answers from Samsung Electronics. Maybe we should wait for the update from Samsung as well.

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