Facebook: A New Way of Approach is needed


“Hacker’s way” That is the road which surrounds the HQ of Facebook. Not the road itself surrounds the Facebook, philosophy of Hacker lies beneath Facebook itself.

After the IPO the stock price of Facebook is on the decline. Many journalists and bloggers criticize on the Facebook product line-up itself. But I would like to write the other thing. It is the culture that lies beneath Facebook.

Hackers work alone. Of course, the hackers collaborate as a team. But it is just a guerrilla force. Company like Facebook needs a structured and regularized army, not the guerrillas.

That is why the application performance of Facebook was too slow. Compared with Google+ application, it is still slow. For every department or team develops the application by their own.

If team A is developing , without the communication team B is developing also . If Facebook is start-up, it is OK. For start-up should keep focus on shipping. But the stabilization is needed.

The only competency of Facebook is the daily active users if you compare with Google+. That is the core competency at this point. But Facebook should have mid-long term strategy. If not, Mark will do the same mistake as he focused on HTML5.

Market is not giving you the same chance. Mark!

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