Daimer is now becoming not Ethnic.


It is being heard from Germany that Mercedes-Benz have done something unethical way for the customer. According to Spiegel, Mercedes-Benz rented a car of Tesla X owner via SIXT and this has happened.


Last summer SIXT staff came to a Tesla owner, Manfred van Rinsum, in Germany, and rented their car for 7 weeks. As the Tesla owner had 3 Tesla X Model cars and using them for the rent during the event such as wedding ceremony. They could go on a vacation during 7 weeks because this was a big contract for them.


After 7 weeks, their Tesla X was quite weird. The car was covered with tapes and the paint of the car itself was rotten. What happened to their Tesla during the 7 weeks?


Manfred Van Rinsum found out via his smartphone that their Tesla was nearby Barcelona Spain. He was so surprised that from his town, Munich Germany, the direct distance is around 1,400km. After this disaster he found out that the car was under stress test in the test track of Mercedes Benz in Spain. Moreover his car was under test in Sindelfingen Test track of Mercedes-Benz.


One more thing that made him mad was the company reassembled his Telsa X. He found out that the linear had serious problem after rent. SIXT had refunded on EUR18,500 only. Even the rent-a-car company was saying that it was the part of the contract. And the origin problem provider, Daimler group is announcing nothing even a lot of interviews are coming out of the press.


What made Daimler group to make such an unethical mistakes? Daimler and Tesla’s cooperation started from 2009. In the early stage of Tesla, the amount of investment was desperately needed for the company. Toyota and Daimler invested the share of Tesla 9.1%. This made them to co-develop Lithium ion battery and EV operation system. However the situation have been changed in 2014. Daimler sold all of its share of Tesla. This cooperation became direct competition.


It was not just the matter of competition. Recently, Daimler announced that the company will invest USD1Billion for its EV production in US. As the news has been released Elon Mask criticized on his Twitter that it is not enough. And the EQC model shall be launched next year as EV and this will be direct competition between Daimler and Tesla.


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