4 things to avoid when you are adopting cloud


Based on the experiences of the Korean market in 2010, I would like to write about the experiences of cloud failures. If you avoid four mistakes below, you will be able to successfully build the cloud.





A. The trends are not everything.
Servers lease computing or container is irrelevant. Businesses like the latest fashions. Servers leasing cloud computing or container technologies are extremely valuable, but it is not uncommon to misrepresent them incorrectly.

Even with any new technology receiving attention from IT media, it is necessary to have good business case to be able to connect to the appropriate example in machine running, deep learning, container, IoT, serverless computing. If you do not have the correct case and business case, you have to stay in a round hole with square sticks no matter how wonderful technology.

B. Change Management is the big issue
The key to moving to the cloud is not to own IT resources, but to borrow. And the cloud is not a place to boast about the company’s wealth, but it is the right place to spend the right amount of IT resources that are needed.

For successful cloud settlement, the company’s IT utilization processes and operational processes need to adapt to the cloud. With the introduction of traditional IT management methods, 100 % fail.

C. HR Cost is investment, not cost.
When you are trying to make a consulting project, or hiring a great talent regarding cloud, the finance office usually gives you a lot of pressure regarding the cost. Well, hiring C-grade talents is much cheaper than hiring 1 S-Grade talent. However the result is not always same, even worse.

D. Don’t think about Open source only
In the case of transition to the cloud, it is necessary to move to the technology which supports the development open system method and the development open as soon as possible. That way, you can make cloud computing transition more agile.

The reason why many enterprises moving to the cloud do not correctly implement the benefits of the cloud is that the application development process is still a traditional way of falls. Although the waterfall method works, it does not provide the ability to continuously improve the workload of the application or quickly arrange new applications.

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Avoiding four mistakes , you will be able to successfully build the cloud. Here are the 4 major mistakes.

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