Alibaba and JD.Com is preparing the event


Chinese Single’s Day is now coming on this Saturday, November 11th, and the online retailers are looking for another sales world record.


According to the report of FT, Alibaba will promote with 1,500 types of products from 140,000 brands. Most of them are local players but 60,000 brands from out of China will be joining on Alibaba platform.

It is expected that Alibaba’s revenue will be USD22Billion during the period with 22% raise compared with last year. This number will be triple as much as the total black Friday sales period in US last year., know as No.2 online e-commerce player is China, is following after the Alibaba’s success story. The player will cooperate with Walmart, Baidu and Tencent on this period. They will promote via WeChat and order the product via, and getting the product via WalMart stores in China.

Chines Single’s Day have begun by AliBaba in 2009. Compared with the beginning the total revenue of Alibaba recorded 1,200 times more than the first year.

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