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As the series of articles, Techrux team have been writing stories on the online travel industry. Many people are talking about “Artificial Intelligence” a lot these days. For me personally have been communicating a lot CIOs, and their concern was on how to adopt artificial intelligence into their industry.


Travel is one of the industries where they adopt the new technology to their legacy system or even disrupting the legacy industry business model itself. KLOOK and can be a great model to explain the new innovation.

Klook, the Hong Kong based start-up with fund raise around USD100Million, is now trying to expand its business model as adopting artificial intelligence.

By the Singaporean press, The Strait Times, Eric Gnock Fah(Co-Founder) said that the company will expand its business adopting analytics with piled database after its launch of business.

The data includes customer information relating to the booking of local itineraries, as well as flight and accommodation data.

“If you are looking at the entire spectrum of travel (like airline, hotel and destination bookings), we can see all the customers’ preferences,” said Mr Gnock Fah.

He added: “One aspect that I think no one is able to see is the in-destination preferences, such as what activities travellers are interested to book.”

He pointed out that these in-destination data sets are very dynamic. For example, if someone travels to the same place often, his activities are going to vary far more than his flight data. All the data now feeds Klook’s machine learning system to improve search and recommendations for users, he said.

Another mutual disrupter in this market,, is now adopting artificial intelligence as the virtual assistant. Mezi has built its own deep learning and natural language processing systems to make its app able to converse with users, and to filter out three options that meet their needs each time they make a request.


Mezi handles not just “discovery,” for its users, but also transactions. Users only have to set up their payments and personal info one time. And each time they ask Mezi to book them a trip, they have to confirm the whole itinerary before booking and purchases are complete. From user’s perspective, the procedure is being simplified as one time.

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KLook or is now trying to disrupt this market with the "Artificial Intelligence". How are they adopting the analytics into the process.

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