Adult Industry: A driving force for Tech evolution


The adult industry has played a major role in the development of human civilization.


Back in 1520, as the printing technology have been developed by Gutenberg in Germany, this adult book made the printing technology to be developed and expanded to the whole Europe. I Modi, also known as the 16 pleasures, is the good example of how the erotic product made the technology expansion to the public.


If you go back to 1970s, the adult industry contributed for the VHS video to be the major stream in video consumption. Around 50% of VHS videos in US were porno movies. In Germany or UK, around 80% of VHS videos were porno movies.


It is natural for us to take pictures or video contents with digital camera, but in the early stage the products were targeted for the adult industry. When developing photographs of sex acts, it was the initial marketing point of digital cameras that there was no need to openly disclose to photographers. These advertisement shows that we are getting the right point.


When the adult industry faced internet for the first time, when Yahoo or AltaVista were providing service for free, they were the first movers to provide the paid video streaming service. The CDN technology and the online payment process solutions were developed to make more seamless streaming and more safe payment to the users. I have searched on and YouTube was ranked as No.2 in Global and were ranked as 34th in Global Web traffic.


Now IT is now being evolved to AI, VR, and AR.


Raymond wrote on Mashable last January that “Like many other VR experiences, VR porn is undeniably immersive. I really did feel like I was closer to the “action.”.


Due to the report of the Next Web, it takes double cost to take shoot with VR, $3,000 vs. $6,000. However, the adult industry thinks that this will contribute more revenue compared with current porno movies. As this one will be more realistic in some point.


Still, some people are very sensitive to imagination and impair their health and quality of life that they have lost in the virtual world. It is all ethical questions that come to mind when we talk about this issue.


But one thing is important. Throughout history, this adult entertainment and industry have been a trigger to open new technology to be expanded to the public. From printing, VHS, digital camera, and to internet, now Virtual Reality is playing another role as if it is the REAL.

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