Understanding Ad-Tech: Who are the major players?


Last time, Techrux team wrote the story on “What is the hierarchy of Ad tech”.

On this article, we will explain on the definition of major service providers, media and data providers as well. This will help to understand and define the ad tech market itself.






1. Major service providers in Ad Tech

Agency trading desk
A media-agency-operated facility that buys data and media programmatically on behalf of advertising clients. Agency holding companies have invested in trading desks to offer a managed alternative to marketers considering implementing their own ad tech. Note: “agency trading desk” should not be confused with the ad tech provider known as “The Trade Desk,” which supplies demand-side platform (DSP) tools to agencies and marketers.

Creative agency
Develop a service provider to develop content for marketers, including advertisers. Most advertisers delegate to their agents creative designs that do not exist in the media business itself, rather than the size of their agents.

Global digital marketing agency
Consulting and traditional service providers, such as dealers and system integrators, focus on the digital experience strategy, development, implementation and measurement of customer response on the opposite side of your journey. These agencies may include creative and media distribution. Partnerships may provide these capabilities, or they may work with client-specific partners.

Managed services
Service provider providing special operating services. In many cases, it is controlled by DSP. Programmatic Media Operations Management Services companies may offer their own advertising technologies or have expertise in one or more third-party provider platforms.

Media agency
Service provider specializing in media planning, purchasing and management. Professional media strategies and user-defined sponsorship agreements typically require the services of the media agency. Programmatic Media, however, is motivated by many traders to purchase media in-house or to find dedicated managed service providers.

2. Data and Media Providers in Ad tech

Data provider
A purveyor of demographic, behavioral and/or contextual data about consumers (including business targets) that is usually supplied anonymously in the context of acquiring a desired audience. Some data management platforms include access to a number of data providers through their platforms. Evaluating data providers can be a complex and time-consuming task for marketers.

Supply-side platform (SSP, ad server)
Software on behalf of the publisher to manage the sale of advertising by the program and maximize the return of advertising stock software. The primary focus of the SSP is the publisher, but it provides access to the advertising space through its managed, private network. The emergence of header bidding is confusing the SSP market, like certain activities on Google or Facebook, so that publishers can offer many benefits to SSP without having to re-inventory. However, many companies are responding to both the technology and the business model.

3. Marketing Tools

Data management platform
Software that ingests data from multiple sources (e.g. internal CRM systems and external data vendors) and makes it available to marketers to build segments and targets. This tool is essential to designing effective programmatic media campaigns.

Demand-side platform
Software that manages programmatic ad buying by monitoring and bidding on ad placement opportunities, usually based on available audience criteria. This is also an essential tool for executing programmatic media buys. DMPs and DSPs may be purchased together or separately.

Dynamic creative optimization

Software that selects and/or composes ads on the fly based on factors such as audience profile criteria, marketplace conditions and ambient circumstances.

On our next article, Techrux team will show how these main stakeholders are interacting each other to form this market.


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