HW, Habit, and History: The 3 keys to understand IT


We concluded that engaging customers and support on customers are completely changing. This time Techrux TM. would like to tell you about the new 3 H: Hardware, Habit and History. Let me tell you why.

These 3 factors are the sensors to get about the intent of the users. Also with the intents the players are creating a new market that never exist before.

1. Hardware
Let’s see the Google Glass. This is totally new type of the device. Through this device, Google may collect the various structured or unstructured data into its database. Many sensors from users may let Google to achieve the exact intent from all users. There are romours that Apple Inc. shall ship the iWatch to the market. This will be another sensor for all users.

2. Habit
Square is a new platform for the payment authorization process. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of twitter, founded this company. At this moment, the company is on the deficit. However this platform itself collects all the payment habit from hot-dog cart to Macy’s department store. Visa or Mastercard or AMEX have its own platform. But this new player integrates it at once into Square. That will be a big tool to get the intent.

3. History
With the public database itself, the new business model occurs these days. The Climate Corporation can be a good example. This company does analysis on the climate information over 10 years and does prediction of weather. They sell the information for farmers and the dealers on the finance parts. This can be a case how intents on the social phenomenon can be a revenue accrue model.

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